Artist Statement

My creative process is intimately tied with a close observation of the human character and a sense of place. The process of painting is set in motion through everyday observation. I constantly record visual information that serves as material for my exploration. As I work, I don’t rely on memory with the intention of rendering a particular episode or recreating a specific character. My compositions are developed through a stream of consciousness approach. While in this present state, my past observations don’t consciously dictate the aesthetic nature of my work. This approach has afforded a freedom to thrive as an artist in a reality where I see limitation. I can freely interpret what I have recollected about the human conduct and the world around me. I purposely reject literal associations with reality by turning to a metaphorical world in which fictitious characters express aspects of the human condition. Although not always evident, my characters assume a role where they become symbolic of a certain human quality. This freedom has opened a path for my constant search for new visual and conceptual approaches.